Upcycled Mid Century Telephone Seat with Wireless Charging Pad and Tropical Cotton Fabric

Back in the time before everyone had mobile phones we relied on having a dedicated space in our homes for our landline telephones.

So, it was common to have a piece of furniture which complimented not only the era, but the decor in the home itself.

From the 1960s onwards, minimalist telephone seats were commonplace to have a place to talk with our loved ones while having a comfy place to sit as we couldn’t lug the phone around the home.

But it was just as important that the piece looked as good as it was functional so having a stylish, yet practical, telephone seat was the ideal solution.

Sadly, these Scandinavian inspired pieces fell out of fashion as there was less need for them.

So what to do with a beautiful piece of furniture which no longer has a practical application? Update it for the 21st century of course!

We stripped this 1960s telephone seat of it’s orange-y varnish and gave it a sympathetic light stain to highlight to beautiful wood grain. Adding a couple of coats of tung oil gave it further warmth and polishing it with organic beeswax really gave it a beautifully gentle lustre.

But what about the practical aspect? Well, we added a wireless charging pad to keep it’s original intention relevant.

A beautiful, fun and luxurious navy blue tropical fabric (complete with capuchin monkeys 😍) to give it a contemporary look really made it pop!

And a complimentary blue was added to the inner shelf to complete the update, while holding on to it’s roots.

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