Repurposed Industrial Cable Reel Coffee Table with Steel Hairpin Legs and Custom Cut Steel Tabletop

When there’s something as brutally practical and everyday as a cable reel there’s a real temptation to hide its nature.

Maybe splash is in colour or adorn it with trinkets and baubles to mask its very functional intention.

But we went another way. We stared at the cable reel’s soul and decided to celebrate its essence. It’s a tough, hard wearing piece of equipment found on every construction site and we love what it does.

To keep its essence intact, we went for simple, clean, minimalist colours and features.

We added a sheet of custom cut steel but we didn’t polish it to a high mirror gloss. We kept it smooth, sleek and industrial.

We could’ve airbrushed the hairpin legs glossy orange or bright gold. But we kept them raw and bare.

And we finished the timber frame in a cool and stylish slate grey.

We love a cable reel and we salute its natural state.

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