Tattoo Style Roses Farmhouse Chair

The classic farmhouse chair is timeless. Strong, aesthetically pleasing and unlikely to cause offence.

But it’s also a bit of a blank canvas waiting for energy and colour.

So we took this classic piece of dining room furniture and gave it some edge.

Floral designs aren’t resigned to your granny’s curtains. They can be modern and edgy.

By hand painting a tattoo style bouquet of roses we added a contemporary feel to a reliable pine chair.

By painting the chair in Frenchic Cream Dream chalk paint and giving it a comforting distressed look before speaking it in wax, we were able to give the feeling of familiarity. By contrasting that feeling with a bold and vibrant bunch of roses the juxtaposition of the two contrasting styles works beautifully.

Just watch out for those thorns before sitting down!

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