Repurposed PepsiCo Crate Shelving Unit

I rummage. A lot. Skips, dumpster, broken furniture that’s been left on the street, warehouses, lofts, barns, sheds, workshops, cellars…

But honestly, most of the time it’s not a fruitful endeavour. Rotten wood, broken guitars, broken chipboard furniture and lots and lots of half finished DIY projects.

And on other occasions there’s good quality furniture that’s in need of a repair or some rare hardwood or something that just needs a little tlc.

And then there’s the rarest of times. When you stop something buried under a mountain of old books or records that just screams out. It may be broken or slightly rotted in parts. It may be something you can’t quite understand what you’ll do with it just yet. But it’s beauty is undeniable.

And when you see a dusty vintage PepsiCo crate that’s broken on almost every side you question your own sanity for thinking that this thing could be anything other than kindling.

But if you dream a dream etc…

That vintage logo 😍

Our most popular item to make is our pigeon hole shelving units. We make a lot simply because they’re so versatile. And really lovely. Like, REALLY lovely. They’re so cute but also have a real practical nature that have limitless applications.

And we use a variety of wood for the backing. Old oak flooring, reclaimed shed roofs, bits of old cabinets. But we’ve never had a backing with any kind of logo or lettering. Until now.

It just made sense to make use of this piece of battered old crate. It’s beautiful. It’s iconic. It’s really freakin cool!

It’s no longer used for its original use but its second chance at life might be better than its first.

So this old crate has a second chance. And it’s new life as the backing to an old unit it just wonderful.

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